Activists Plan “Global Day Of Rage” To Fight For India’s LGBT Community

On Sunday, Dec. 15, people from 18 cities across India, U.S., U.K. and Australia will collectively protest against a law criminalizing homosexuality in India.

The Global Day Of Rage is being organized online by various South Asian LGBT advocacy groups and individual activists.

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Since the Supreme Court ruling, smaller protests have been organized in various cities of India. Indians are taking to social media to voice their anger and mobilize support for the LGBT community.

In India, the Global Day of Rage protests will be held in nine cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and other smaller cities and towns.

Caption: Hundreds protest the SC judgment criminalizing #homosexuality at Jantar Mantar in #Delhi on Dec. 11.

The Global Day Of Rage event is being organized on a large scale via social media to include support from the international community. In the U.S., protests will be held in New York, Boston and Ann Arbor.

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Siddharth Narrain, who is organizing the Global Day Of Rage in Boston, hopes the event will “highlight the extent to which people across this world are shocked, upset and angry” about India’s Supreme Court verdict. Narrain told BuzzFeed, “This is a chance for all those who support LGBT rights, the right to choice, and the right to live in dignity to show their solidarity with the campaign against 377.”

Initially, Narrain hoped for at least ten people to show up at the Boston protest. However, he said they received an “overwhelming response” and is now expecting at least 50 people who have told him that “this is an issue that is so important to them that they will brave the weather and their exams and turn up.”

Narrian believes the Indian LGBT cause has a lot of support from the international community. He said that many of his non-Indian friends and supporters have already shown their solidarity to the movement.

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