London Breaks Record For Largest Panoramic Image

Created by stitching together 48,640 images, the BT Tower Panorama has officially broken the record for the world’s largest panoramic photo.

1. That’s a whole lot of London!

The 320 gigapixel image, taken from the top of the BT Tower in London, comprises 48,640 individual frames which have been collated into a single panorama by a supercomputer. It breaks the previous record set by a 281-gigapixel electron micrograph of a zebrafish embryo taken in 2012.

ID: 933014

The photograph was shot over a period of three days by Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills, who work for a firm specializing in panoramic photography called 360Cities. Simply processing the images took longer than three months.

ID: 933139

It took nearly 200 hours of rendering time to stitch the photos together.

ID: 933198

The zoom tools allow you to see incredible detail up to six miles away:

ID: 933091

You can browse the entire 360-degree panorama , and look out for three hidden “Buzby” mascots hidden around the city.

ID: 933228

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