Lavish Photography Accessories For Your iPhone

Be honest, you use your phone camera more than your real one. Even selfies deserve the best quality! posted on

1. Attachable Lenses

What You Get: Magnetic lenses for your phone including a fish-eye lens, macro lens, and telephoto lens.
Cost: $20.00 each or $49.00 for all three
Where: Photojojo

The fish-eye lens:

2. The mCam

What You Get: The Billet aluminum body, 37mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo Lens, 180° External Microphone, and Silicone Case.
Cost: $160.00
Where: Action Life Media

3. Kogeto Dot

What You Get: One 360° lens for photography or video. With the free Looker app, allows users to capture panoramic video.
Cost: $49.00
Where To Get It:

Panoramic Video:

4. Holga Filter

What You Get: Special effects lens kit that can slip right onto your phone.
Cost: $25.99
Where: Holga Direct

5. The Camalapse

What You Get: Base and tripod that will enable you to take smooth panning timelapse video.
Cost: $45.00
Where: Photojojo

6. Telephoto Lens

What You Get: One 12X zoom lens, tripod, and iphone case.
Cost: $35.00
Where: Photojojo

7. The DSLR Mount

What You Get: The EnCinema SLR Adaptor (Lens not included, sorry).
Cost: $189.00
Where: Vid-Atlantic

8. Cable Trigger

What You Get: Remote shutter release with retractable cable. Plugs right into your headphone jack!
Cost: $23.00
Where: Photojojo

9. The Steadicam Smoothee Rig

What You Get: This accessory allows you to capture incredible video and still images without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go.
Cost: $170.00
Where: Tiffen

10. The Bike Pod

What You Get: Bike Pod and Grip-tight Mount
Cost: $45.00
Where: Photojojo

11. The Gorillapod

What You Get: The flexible tripod can attach itself to just about any surface.
Cost: $29.95
Where: Joby

12. The DriSuit Endurance

What You Get: Waterproof case that allows you to take photo/video underwater while your phone stays dry.
Cost: $39.00
Where: Amazon

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