World Mocks, Offers To Help U.S. Amid Government Shutdown

Some were confused, others laughed, and China was just sad. posted on

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

2. Think it was hard for Americans to try to figure out what was going on with the U.S. government shutdown? Well, the rest of the world was even more confused.

People from Egypt texting me asking what it's like to be in the US while it is shutdown. #he3

6. Some countries just wanted to help.

Eh America, were still open here in Canada. Come on up to the igloo if you like hockey on the TV and drinking real beer. #governmentshutdown

10. The Chinese government worried about people getting sad.

12. And Russia decided to give the shutdown a new name.

14. But mostly people just wanted the U.S. to stop whining. Especially in Egypt, where government has been a pretty transient thing lately.

If the #US can do a #shutdown, why were they giving the #Egypt-ian people hard time when we were doing a #Restart? :-) #June30

US govt shuts down; Al-Sisi gives Obama and Congress 48 hrs to carve out compromise

18. And in Lebanon, where they’ve been dealing with the government/no government thing for decades.

US Govt shutdown a reminder that #Lebanon has now spent more time this year without a government than with one. Lebanese deserve better.

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