Six Hallucinatory Egyptian Newspaper Headlines Attacking The Western Press

Egypt is sliding toward military dictatorship, and the country’s press is cheering it on.

1. “The suspicious relationship between the terrorist organization (the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Western media: $3 billion U.S. dollars to ruin the image of the Egyptian revolution”

Among other allegations, this article repeats the claim that the U.S. government is funding and propping up the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no source cited for the $3 billion allegedly used to “ruing the image of the Egyptian revolution.”

2. “The Washington Post continues to defend the Muslim Brotherhood and incite Obama against Egypt”

The Washington Post has become a popular target for members of the Egyptian press, who often cite it as the mouthpiece of the U.S. government as it has “Washington” in its title. Editorials in the Washington Post that have been highly critical of Egypt’s military-backed government have only added fuel to the fire.

3. “Human Rights Watch incites the U.S. against Egypt”

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are often demonized in the Egyptian press. Both are cited as “U.S.-funded groups” that actively seek to destroy Egypt.

4. “Israel and the U.S. spread rumors to try and drive a wedge between Egypt and the Gulf”

Despite long-standing tensions between Egypt and the Gulf, the driving wedge is apparently traced back to Israel and the U.S.

5. “The West and the moral assassination of Egypt”

6.The Hill, the official paper of the U.S. Congress, incites against the Egyptian army”

Articles in the U.S. press are often quoted in length in Egyptian papers, and explained to readers as being “anti-Egyptian” due to their criticism of Egypt’s military-backed government.

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