132 Places Wil Wheaton Has Been In The Past Three Years

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Chris Ritter
Chris Ritter

My silly $THING I AM IN YOU joke was used by @MarsCuriosity! That's kind of the best thing, ever.


Months of working long hours, eating less-than-healthy meals, and not having time to exercise have made me pudgy. EXERCISE I AM IN YOU!

Chris Ritter

The only time I really feel like an adult is when I try to have a conversation with someone in their early 20s. GENERATION GAP I AM IN YOU.


Sitting on the beach in Aruba, posting to Twitter from my Kindle. ARUBA I AM IN YOU AND THE FUTURE.


I just realized that it's been at least six years since breaking news wasn't brought to my attention by Twitter. The future, I am in you.


So this is kind of cool: Anne and I are about to watch #TableTop together on our TV through DirecTV. THE FUTURE I AM IN YOU.


@AnneWheaton Uh, you are the one in the poo, my darling, so where is ~your~ POO I AM IN YOU joke?

Chris Ritter

SKY ABOVE LAKE MICHIGAN, I AM IN YOU. (Well, that's $12 well-spent.)


I was so distracted by the new world order, I forgot to say: DENVER I AM IN YOU.

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