How To Scoop A New Employee Hire With Twitter

Twitter’s new recommendation engine might be a bit too good. Reporters: pay attention.

1. This is @MagicRecs, Twitter’s recommendation account that DMs you to tell you that some of the people you follow have retweeted or followed a particular person. The goal is to get you to follow more people and see tweets you may be interested in.

ID: 1380185

2. While it has worked well so far…

ID: 1380419

3. …it may be too good. This was sent at 11:36 a.m., 16 minutes after an internal email was sent saying we hired Joel…

ID: 1380275

4. …53 minutes before the story was released to the public.

ID: 1380285

5. You could conceivably follow everyone from an organization — or even create a dummy account to do this with and set DM alerts to your phone and wait for @MagicRecs to deliver you the scoop.

ID: 1380373

6. Then pwn the world.

ID: 1380434

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