Flashback: Everyone Also Hated Retweets When They Came Out

The new blue lines you see in your timeline aren’t the first time Twitter has upset its users.

1. Let’s take a moment to go back in Twitter time. The year is 2009.

2. There wasn’t always a “hard” way to retweet a tweet back then. People could only manually type “RT” or use a third party app that would automatically insert it for them

4. The feature took off. However, Twitter realized that there were many disadvantages to doing it, so they released the hard retweet way in early November of the same year.

5. The citizens of Twitter were obviously outraged at this change

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams even had to go so far as defending the new feature in a blog post, citing multiple reasons as to its inferiority which includes attribution confusion, messiness, redundancy and most importantly - trackability. “Which tweets are doing the best” was hard to measure.

7. But the outrage continued

I hate the new retweet feature like whoa. I know I won't be using it, but how can I prevent other people from doing so?

— moorehn (@Heidi N. Moore)

Hate the new retweets feature. Please RT.

— ezraklein (@Ezra Klein)

hmm. the new twitter retweet feature doesn't let me add my own snark. half of my retweets are all about me!!!! #DamnYouTwitter

— baratunde (@Baratunde)

I agree. Commenting was key. RT @Werner new style retweet is confusing, and I can't add context/comment

— shervin (@Shervin Pishevar)

Don't think I like twitter Beta "Retweet" feature - can't comment on the tweet and I like the RT at the beginning, qualifies it from begin

— jacob (@Jacob Mullins)

I hate the retweet button.

— Orli (@Orli Yakuel d0d5e8dcd9)

13. And the resistance continues till today

RT @rklau: Tori Amos is 50. O_o MT @RollingStone: Happy 50th birthday, Tori Amos! 1988 cover story: http//

— moorehn (@Heidi N. Moore)

RT @chefjoseandres: a hot dog is a small plate. A burger too. A roll of sushi also. A taco too. Don’t fight it!

— ezraklein (@Ezra Klein)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we can get around or turn off the blue lines — for now. Twitter will win this battle.

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