Woman Makes Down Syndrome Dolls For Children With Disabilities

Connie Feda has been making “Dolls for Downs” so children with Down syndrome can play with a doll that looks the way they do.

1. This is Connie Feda and her 13-year-old daughter, Hannah. Hannah has Down syndrome.

2. Connie is out to make sure that children who have Down syndrome can play with a doll that looks like they do.

3. From the Dolls For Downs website:

Every kid deserves a best friend. Every kid wants to fit in. Often children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities find themselves out of the social loop. Dolls, to any child, offer companionship. To a kid with Downs or another disability, a doll can offer so much more.

4. Connie’s dolls, which are already in production, come with the almond-shaped eyes and flatter noses.

5. The dolls also have zippers, Velcro, buttons, and other items included to help disabled children develop better motor skills.

6. Some of the dolls even come with scars in their chest, reflecting the surgery many people with Down syndrome need to correct heart defects, which are common as a result of the condition.

7. Connie’s main concern is that when Hannah and others with Down syndrome play with the dolls, they feel they are just as beautiful as anyone else.

8. She believes the dolls are more than a toy, and are a potential tool for therapy, education, and self-esteem.

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