Woman Makes Down Syndrome Dolls For Children With Disabilities

Connie Feda has been making “Dolls for Downs” so children with Down syndrome can play with a doll that looks the way they do.

1. This is Connie Feda and her 13-year-old daughter, Hannah. Hannah has Down syndrome.

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2. Connie is out to make sure that children who have Down syndrome can play with a doll that looks like they do.

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3. From the Dolls For Downs website:

Every kid deserves a best friend. Every kid wants to fit in. Often children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities find themselves out of the social loop. Dolls, to any child, offer companionship. To a kid with Downs or another disability, a doll can offer so much more.

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4. Connie’s dolls, which are already in production, come with the almond-shaped eyes and flatter noses.

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5. The dolls also have zippers, Velcro, buttons, and other items included to help disabled children develop better motor skills.

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6. Some of the dolls even come with scars in their chest, reflecting the surgery many people with Down syndrome need to correct heart defects, which are common as a result of the condition.

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7. Connie’s main concern is that when Hannah and others with Down syndrome play with the dolls, they feel they are just as beautiful as anyone else.

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8. She believes the dolls are more than a toy, and are a potential tool for therapy, education, and self-esteem.

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