Watch How A 4chan Hoax Happens

On Monday night, BuzzFeed sat in on a private chatroom full of anonymous 4chan members as they put together a follow-up prank to their #Cutting4Bieber Twitter hoax on Monday. WARNING: Extremely NSFW language.

When the 4chan community starts a raid they meet in a private IRC chatroom. Last night’s meeting took place in a private, IRC-built, self-hosted chatroom.

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1. Members of the chatroom have agreed upon the hashtag #RememberAddison, which they plan on using to fake a teenage girl’s death on twitter, claiming she was a victim of the #cutting4beiber hoax.

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They’re currently deciding on who will spread the death hoax on what social network. Reddit, Tumblr, and 9gag are common targets of theirs.

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2. They’ve taken things to the next step, creating a false social media trail for this fake Addison girl. One member of the chat writes a script while another member begins making a YouTube channel for her.

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3. They make this fake memorial Facebook page for Addison.

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4. And they make Addison’s memorial Twitter page, supposedly run by a grieving brother.

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They record a SoundCloud file of a boy reading a script about the fake girl Addison they’ve created.

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ID: 793082

6. They also record a second script mourning Addison’s death.

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7. And a fake Anonymous warning, threatening to hack in retaliation for Addison’s death.

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8. An anonymous user under the screen name CLOSEDPOOL agrees to take the script and make a YouTube video out of it. He signs off and never returns.

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One of the more vocal Twitter users in the chatroom is @Holla4Hitler.

ID: 793083

9. A user puts together a fake blog post.

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They also start making fake Twitpics of Justin Bieber tweets.

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13. And post this notice to and encourage chatroom members to start sharing it heavily.

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14. By the end of the first few hours they fill up two trending tags, #RememberAddison

ID: 793101

15. And another called #Justice4Jazzy.

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16. One chatroom member has access to the Facebook group “YES, MOM I UNDERSTAND!!*5 minutes later* What did she want me to do again??” which has 585,000 likes.

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17. They make a fake Anonymous Leader video demanding justice for the #Cutting4Bieber deaths.

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18. And post it to Reddit’s /r/videos subreddit. All the comments are from members from the chatroom.

ID: 793108

19. They also successfully vote their comments to the top of this YouTube video.

ID: 793109

20. The chatroom winds down as the members make plans to upvote their fake videos and links on YouTube and Reddit.

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UPDATE: 4chan is currently planning to DDOS BuzzFeed as a result of this article (meaning they’re trying to overload the site with requests and effectively shut us down).

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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