Veterans Have Stormed Washington’s World War II Memorial, Shutdown Or No Shutdown

If memory serves, WWII veterans have a bit of experience with storming a place and holding their positions. posted on

1. Due to last night’s government shutdown, many federal landmarks are closed as of Tuesday morning.

This is what the WWII Memorial looks like right now. Sad, bc 92 vets are on their way to DC to check it out today.

2. The problem is that an Honor Flight of WWII vets were already on their way to the memorial from Mississippi.

This is what hundreds of WWII vets will see when they roll up from "honor flight" to the DC today, via @laurakoran -

4. As the veterans arrived in D.C. this morning, Leo Shane, a White House and veterans affairs reporter for Stars And Stripes, covered the whole scene on Twitter.

Tons of applause as the WWII vets from Miss. storm their memorial. Park police on the way. #shutdown

6. So what exactly happened? The veterans knocked over the barriers and went inside.

Honor flight vets just knocked over the barriers at the WWII memorial to get inside, #shutdown or no.

8. And getting to their tower.

9. Mississippi’s veterans after they successfully stormed and occupied their memorial.

10. Look at that smirk.

11. Shane also clarified that Republican Rep. Steve King helped distract police officers while the vets stormed their tower.


12. King told CNN that it was a White House decision to close the memorial.

Mississippi congressman moves gate and lets 92 WW2 vets see their monument.

14. After the Mississippi veterans cleared a path, more veterans poured in to the area, with police letting everyone enter, unofficially opening the park.

Iowa vets (yellow shirts) now coming into WWII memorial with congressional security guard. #shutdown

Made it down to the WW2 memorial. Looks like vets are being allowed to walk down freely.

16. God bless America.

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