This Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Actual Twitter Account

His last tweet was on April 17, and he wrote, “I’m a stress free kind of guy.”

1. A high school classmate of Tsarnaev confirms to BuzzFeed that @J_tsar is his Twitter account:

“I would confirm this as to being his Twitter account. Those users went to my high school,” said Stefanie Gardner, of the Rindge class of 2011.

ID: 1091453

2. Brobible and Gawker’s Adrian Chen are pointing to this Google cached version:

ID: 1091218

3. His profile picture:

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4. Brobible also writes they’ve reached out to friends of Dzhokhar, who confirm he went by the nickname “Johar”:

I DM’d with one Twitter user who is a student at the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth (UMD) and who spoke a lot today, publicly on Twitter, about his relationship with him. He DM’d me back to say that he considers himself friends with the fellow UMD student. He confirmed that @j_tsar IS Tsarnaev’s Twitter account, but he asked that he not be brought into this. At least one point this year the person I DM’d with is RT’ed by @j_tsar, so I don’t think he’s lying about the relationship.

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5. His last tweet is from April 17, two days after the marathon bombing:

ID: 1091221

6. He tweeted this Eminem lyric from “Forgot About Dre” one day after the bombing.

ID: 1091444

7. He also tweeted at a Ted the Bear parody account about the Boston Marathon bombing on Tuesday.

ID: 1091325

9. On the 15th, the day of the bombing, he tweeted this:

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10. Also on Monday, that night, he tweeted to his followers to “stay safe.”

ID: 1091363

11. His Twitter activity up until recently, however, was fairly normal.

ID: 1091222

13. He has pictures posted of his new cat.

ID: 1091219

15. He was also a pretty big car buff.

ID: 1091388

17. He was also a pretty big fan of parody accounts and memes.

ID: 1091395

20. UPDATE: One of the most unsettling tweets from the account was posted in August.

ID: 1092873

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