The Hofstra Presidential Debate, As Told By GIFs

Obama and Romney’s most contentious debate yet, looped in GIF-form forever.

1. After Joe Biden’s performance last week, many wondered how Obama would debate tonight.

ID: 644128

2. He started out pretty energized.

ID: 644110

3. But Romney didn’t have a bad opener either.

ID: 644067

4. Candy Crowley and him had a few skirmishes, though.

ID: 644120

5. Things quickly got pretty heated between the candidates, as well.

ID: 644095

9. And the jabs started flying fast and furious.

ID: 644076

10. Obama took time to appeal to younger voters, though.

ID: 644073

11. And Mitt tried to reach out to women voters.

ID: 644083

12. But then he brought up binders full of women.

ID: 644118

14. And then in a pivotal turn in the night’s debate, Obama attacked Romney’s comments on the recent Libyan terror attacks.

ID: 644071

17. Obama and Candy Crowley had a few exchanges, also.

ID: 644131

18. And lastly, Romney broached the topic of cyber security.

ID: 644077

19. The debate then came to a close with Obama speaking for a total of 44:04…

ID: 644137

20. …And Romney speaking for 40:50.

ID: 644138

21. One of the last shots of the night showed a not particularly happy Josh Romney.

ID: 644080

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