The Best Things You Might Have Missed From The Internet’s Marriage Equality Celebration

Ain’t no party like a wedding party.

1. After the Supreme Court struck down DOMA…

2. And effectively allowed gay marriage in California…


5. And obviously, the bars opened up.

7. Because you can’t have a sober DOMA-Is-Dead party.

Open Bar Happy Hour Hosted by City Cafe Celebrating the end of #doma! Everyone Invited!

— BmoreCityCafe (@City Cafe)

9. Yesterday was a huge day for gay rights, a genuine turning point.

Overturned Doughnuts to celebrate Overturning #DOMA #Prop8 #SCOTUS #equality @GeorgeTakei @Toppot

— JoeMcDermott8 (@Joe McDermott)

11. And it was like the internet had one big pre-engagement party.

14. There was literally love everywhere you looked.

16. And, of course, dancing.

Time to celebrate the death of #DOMA #LoveIsLove #MarriageEquality #dance #funny

— JaysonFlores92 (@Jayson Flores)

#howto be a Dancing Queen in the Bathroom at Hamburger Mary's! #dancingqueen #abba #music #loop #DOMA #equa...

— DanieStew (@Daniel Stewart)

19. And some pretty famous people weighed in on the court’s ruling, like Jesus…

24. Feminist Hulk had some kind words to shout.

25. Even insurance companies were getting in on the fun.

27. Edie Windsor went to the Stonewall Inn and deservedly partied it up.

30. And Google rounded out the day with a subtle and classy way to honor the occasion.

31. But perhaps, most beautifully of all, as the sun set in San Francisco, City Hall lit up in a beautiful rainbow.

SF City Hall at the end of a very gay day. #doma #prop8

— tjdegroat (@T.J.)

SF City Hall lit up in rainbow (via FB). What an amazing day. #prop8 #DOMA #gay #marriageequality #noh8

— gayrightswatch (@Gay Rights Watch)

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