The Animated GIF Guide To Hillary Clinton’s Adorable Dance Moves

Let’s take a closer look at Hillary’s dope dance moves, shall we? There’s just no denying it, she knows how to party.

1. “The Hold And Sway”

ID: 498738

2. “The Hold, Nod, and Sway”

ID: 498746

3. “The Run In Place”

ID: 498764

4. “The Clap And Bounce” (A variation of “The Run In Place”)

ID: 498724

5. “The Drop”

ID: 498790

Of course, Hillary’s sweet moves are nothing new.

ID: 498806

Mr. President, please, let Hillary show you how it’s done.

ID: 498936

The woman just knows how to bust a move.

ID: 498801

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