Take A Tour Of The New Myspace

It’s really pretty and seems pretty well-thought-out, but would anyone actually use it?

1. This is the landing page you’re taken to when you log in.

ID: 734978

2. It features a horizontal “stream” that acts as the main newsfeed.

ID: 734979

3. Similarly to Twitter, you can connect to users and users can choose to connect with you back.

ID: 734975

4. Photo albums are called “mixes.”

ID: 734976

6. And you can upload your own music.

ID: 734980

7. But you can also search their library and “connect” with songs like you would other users.

ID: 734977

8. At the bottom of the screen is a music player.

ID: 734974

9. There’s a “Discover” button that brings you to editorial content.

ID: 735061

10. Apparently written by Myspace staff.

ID: 735063

11. There’s also a new chat feature.

ID: 735070

12. There’s a radio setting.

ID: 735072

13. And a section that organizes music videos.

ID: 735077

14. So what do you think? Could you see yourself posting on New Myspace?

ID: 735122

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