Pornhub Is Currently Running A "Save The Boobs" Campaign

For every 30 views of the videos in their “big tit” and “small tit” categories, they’ll donate 1 cent to breast cancer research during the month of October. It sure is nice of them to lend a hand?

1. Pornhub’s Save The Boobs Event

ID: 624787

2. From Pornhub’s splash page

Hey, we all love boobs! So this October, Pornhub will donate 1 cent for every 30 videos viewed from our big-tit and small-tit categories. The more videos viewed, the bigger our donation will be to a breast cancer research charity.

ID: 624793

3. Shockingly, the ticker is moving pretty fast.

ID: 624794

4. This is also not the first time Pornhub has raised awareness about breast cancer.

ID: 624795

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