Photographer Captures Blurry Video Of The Sniper That Killed Him Moments Before His Death

This is chilling.

1. Freelance photojournalist Ahmed Samir Assem was filming a sniper outside the Egyptian army’s Republican Guard officers’ club on Monday.

ID: 1351284

2. The sniper was firing at pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters who were kneeling to pray outside the officers’ club.

ID: 1351292

3. According to The Telegraph, Assem was taking photographs around the building when shots started being fired.

ID: 1351295

4. The 26-year-old photographer was shot in the forehead by one of multiple snipers that were reportedly firing on protesters. His footage shows more victims who were already shot.

ID: 1351293

5. The 20 minutes of footage that Assem was able to take before he was killed will be used as evidence in an investigation about the incident.

ID: 1351294

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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