Obama Accused Of Dividing America With “Racist” Speech About George Zimmerman Verdict

“Obama has done more to divide races than anybody else.”

1. President Obama appeared in the White House press room Friday to address the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial on Friday.

4. The president urged Americans to respect the verdict, but also understand that racial discrimination is a real issue facing the majority of African Americans today.

#Obama amazes me sometimes. And not in a good way. Way to try to divide the country even more. #unprofessional #hisownagenda

— MegDiNofrio (@Megan DiNofrio)

7. “If a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different,” he said.

#Obama = Obaloney wants to divide the country even more punish all of us for the past

— markaross (@markaross)

Obama has done more to divide this country than any President. To all you minorities that support him what has he done for you #Zimmerman

— capston9 (@greg)

Obama gets in front of the press, lies, further the racial divide, and then leaves to let Carney deal with the bullshit. #SOP

— balexliberty (@balex)

10. “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

We should be grateful that Obama took the opportunity to further divide America & race relations today!

— Habledash (@Chuck Justice)

#obama is a racist and is fueling flames of issues to further divide us.. You're a fool if you support him in any way.

— Livingoneasyst (@Country before Party)

Obama, racist president?

— proa24 (@Proa24)

13. “I don’t want us to lose sight of the fact that things are getting better.”

Obama is being racist.

— AnnieRye1014 (@Cheyenne Meling)

Obama needs to shut the hell up. He is a racist idiot. The Florida court spoke, its over!

— DylieC (@Dylan Calo)

Nice to see the real racist side of Obama! Just gives me more reason to not like him.

— lifeofmusic9 (@Richard Martin)

16. The president urged white Americans to understand that the country’s minority groups view the justice system through “a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.”

Hey Obama, fuck you for being racist.

— Dj_St1ck3y (@Sean Elmer)

I am so angry right now that #obama is such a blatant racist!! I knew this,i can't believe anyone would still support him..

— Livingoneasyst (@Country before Party)

come in & TV on & Obama giving some stupid racist speech ... turned that racist asshole off.

— sayata (@Chuck Peters)

19. “A lot of African American boys are painted with a broad brush.”

Obama, you racist, prejudice bastard!

— lxlM9lxl (@Michael)

It's official... OBAMA IS RACIST! #Tcot #RaceBaiter

— jakaroo65 (@Jacqueline Croasdale)

Detroit just went bankrupt and all Obama can do is racebait. Just another distraction for real issues.

— Google_me_Hoe (@killuminati)

22. The president also said that Zimmerman’s acquittal shouldn’t be used to “heighten divisions”

#obama the #racebaiter disgusting.

— mtdisme (@Matt D)

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