Man Is Tased By Police As He Records Video Of Them Breaking Down His Door

A California man recorded police allegedly entering his home without a warrant and managed to capture unsettling footage of them tasing him and his wife.

1. The video was reportedly taken in Croati, California.

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ID: 1178720

2. The video begins with the people inside the house attempting to explain to police outside that there were no incidents of domestic violence happening inside.

ID: 1178766

3. The police demand to know why the people inside the house won’t come out. The man filming says they don’t live in “a police state.”

ID: 1178764

4. The police officers then break open the door, and tase the man’s wife.

ID: 1178762

5. As she’s screaming, the police tase the man filming, who then drops the camera and the footage cuts.

ID: 1178763

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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