Incredible And Frightening Photos From Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi

Thousands of protesters are currently clashing with police in a three-day stand-off over the demolition of a beloved park in Istanbul.

1. More than 10,000 people attempted to prevent the razing of Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey this week. The occupation turned violent when police began clashing with protesters.

2. Activists swarmed the area when news broke that 75-year-old trees in the park would be bulldozed to build a shopping mall.

3. Photos began appearing on social media of police using tear gas to push activists out of the area.

4. Protesters quickly took to Twitter and Instagram, organizing under the #DirenGeziParkı and #OccupyGezi hashtags.

5. Images are also being uploaded to an Occupy Gezi Tumblr.

6. They were unable to stop the bulldozers.

7. Shocking video of protesters putting on homemade gas masks as police shoot the crowd with tear gas.

10. Photos of frightened occupiers are currently flooding Twitter, pushing #direngeziparki to the second highest trending tag worldwide Friday morning.

13. Along with tear gas, Istanbul law enforcement was also spraying occupiers with hoses to push them out of the park.

16. There are also unconfirmed reports of police aiming tear gas canisters at civilians.

20. A Reddit thread organized around the riots describes a chaotic scene, with rumors circulating of police jamming cell phones and using plastic bullets.

22. A definitive timeline of events is currently unclear, but it appears as though police teargassed a metro station near the park Friday morning.

26. Government management of public space in Istanbul has been widely criticized in the past.

30. Terrifying footage of the water hoses the police are using on protesters.

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