Hundreds Of Teenagers Broke Into An Ex-NFL Player’s House And Threw A Massive Party In It

This is unreal.

2. Hundreds of teenagers broke into his rural vacation home in upstate New York and threw a massive rager.

3. The New York Daily News recovered a handful of the tweeted photos of the party.

4. The blog has even more, showing teenagers all over Holloway’s house.

5. Taking selfies in his bathroom.

6. And just generally trashing the place.

7. There are also screencaps of the alleged teenagers talking about the party before and after.

9. Holloway is using a site called to organize a list of all the teenagers that attended the party, aggregating photos they took of each other.

10. His goal is to try to help the teenagers who decided to destroy his home by teaching them to be “to be accountable” for their actions.

11. On his site, he’s collecting as much info about the teenagers as he can with the hopes of catching them at what he calls “a key turning point” in their lives.

16. Holloway has used Twitter to collect over 200 names of people who attended the party. No arrests have been made as of Thursday.

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