DIY Penis Implants On The Rise In Australian Prisons For Some Awful Reason

They’re called pearls, Yakuza beads, or speed bumps, and it’s unclear exactly why young Australian prisoners are doing it.

1. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia have been receiving patients with strange infections in their genitals.

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2. PLOS One recently published an article confirming that 5.8% of the 2,018 prisoners surveyed had at one point given themselves a homemade penile implant.

Pictured above Brisbane Correctional Centre in Queensland, Australia, a prison in the region where penile implants are common.

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3. WARNING: Do not scroll past this…

…if you don’t want to know the horrible details of how prisoners are giving themselves penile implants.

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4. The prisoners typically open up the foreskins of their penises with ballpoint pens.

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5. And insert foreign objects, such as ball bearings…

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6. Domino pieces

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7. Melted down toothpaste caps

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8. Small bells

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9. Buttons

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10. Rubber erasers

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11. Deodorant roller balls

ID: 861686

12. Pieces of dice (one man had carved a piece of dice into a heart).

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13. Implants without proper sterilization carry a bevy of complications, including throbbing pain, penile infections, abscesses, or erectile dysfunction.

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14. An Atlantic feature covering the phenomenon included an incredibly troubling quote from a co-author of the original study.

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