Disgusting Images Of The Alleged Working Conditions At Golden Corral Go Viral

An employee at a location in Florida posted video of employees allegedly leaving raw meat next to a Dumpster outside the store before serving it.

1. A Golden Corral employee, Brandon Huber, posted a video on YouTube last week showing raw food left next to Dumpsters in the back of a Golden Corral in Port Orange, Fla.

2. Huber posted a second video Sunday alleging that the food shown in his first video was wheeled back into the restaurant then served to customers.

3. Golden Corral’s YouTube account commented on Huber’s first video today, saying none of the items were served to customers and all were disposed of within an hour of being outside.

4. According to the Golden Corral statement, Huber was involved with the disposal of the food and Huber’s father was attempting to sell the footage of the food for $5,000.

5. A YouTube user who appears to be involved with the videos and Golden Corral also began fighting with Golden Corral’s YouTube account over its official response.

6. Users quickly flooded Golden Corral’s Facebook, furious over the footage in the video.

7. The Golden Corral section of Reddit also began collecting anti-Golden Corral content, including this photo album allegedly of a separate, but equally unsanitary Golden Corral back room.

8. The Reddit user behind the photo album refused to share the specific Golden Corral location the photos were taken at.

9. But the user asserted that they are an example of everyday conditions at the Golden Corral he worked at.

11. Golden Corral responded to Huber’s videos, but the company has not released any statements about the photos that are now making their way through Twitter.

@goldencorral Why fire the manager if he didn't serve that rotten food? You're about as good a liar as my baby's mom. Are you on drugs too?

— Kief_Richards (@Kief Richards)

@goldencorral you nasty! Never eating there again.

— MrsLaurenHolm (@Lauren Trenta Holm)

13. The flood of backlash via social media continues to grow.

@goldencorral what the heck is going on with the video that shows the food next to the dumpster

— ikingmoe (@Kingmoe83)

@goldencorral you may want to check @reddit then just go out of biz, b.c. I certainly wont ever go near any of your code violations (rest)

— BrianKal (@BMK)

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