College Students From SUNY Cortland Partied So Hard This Weekend They Destroyed A Neighborhood

There are parties, and then there’s whatever the hell this was. A rivalry between two New York colleges resulted in what could charitably be described as unbridled anarchy. posted on

1. An estimated 4,000 to 6,000 people poured into the streets after SUNY Cortland’s football team won its rivalry game against Ithaca.

3. The president of SUNY Cortland issued a public apology to the community around the school, calling the students’ behavior inexcusable.

5. The rivalry match, The Cortaca Jug Game, is part of a long-running rivalry between SUNY Cortland and Ithaca.

7. Over the weekend about 30 people were arrested, according to local law enforcement.

9. Cortland police admitted, however, that at a certain point they had to stop arresting people.

11. Instead, law enforcement began focusing on managing the massive and unruly crowds.

13. The police were attacked at certain points during the celebration, being pelted with cans and pieces of wood.

15. There are photos of multiple vehicles that were damaged over the weekend.

This girl needed protection from flying beer bottles so she wore a pasta strainer on her head #Cortaca

19. At a certain point local authorities had to bring in state police to quell some of the more out-of-control celebrating.

21. Several minor injuries were reported as well.

My roommate lost the end of his finger on cortaca An kept partying hard

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