A Teenager Was Hilariously Caught By Police Trying To Organize A Massive Party On Twitter

No more teens on Twitter, they’re out of control!

1. Nathaniel Gray, a 19-year-old from Salem, Ore., decided he was going to throw a party last week.

3. The party was going to be a big gathering somewhere outside, and he started passing the invite around using the hashtag #ProjectNat.

6. The whole thing quickly spread around his high school.

10. Nathaniel’s massive high school party started getting a lot of attention on Twitter…

11. Including the attention of the Marion County Sheriff’s department.

13. Because this is 2014, of course the young Nathaniel decided to quickly tweet back at the police and clear up the confusion.

16. Nathaniel ended up getting arrested, however, and was charged with giving alcohol to a minor and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

17. The story didn’t end there for Nathaniel, though. His party hashtag was described by local reporters as a “Project X-style” rager and they interviewed him about it.

18. According to the reporter, Nathaniel requested the ability to record himself during the interview. The reporter allowed this, seemingly because she’s never met a Twitter troll in real life before.

19. Also, Nathaniel’s friends are selling shirts with his mugshot on them.

20. Nathaniel seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, though.

22. And he’s got some parting words for anyone out there who thinks his party was a big deal.

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