A Teenager Was Hilariously Caught By Police Trying To Organize A Massive Party On Twitter

No more teens on Twitter, they’re out of control!

1. Nathaniel Gray, a 19-year-old from Salem, Ore., decided he was going to throw a party last week.

ID: 2798196
ID: 2798198

3. The party was going to be a big gathering somewhere outside, and he started passing the invite around using the hashtag #ProjectNat.

ID: 2798193
ID: 2798204
ID: 2798187

6. The whole thing quickly spread around his high school.

@OregonFessions @beerisrad that shit is everywhere

— cooper (@portlandppleatr)
ID: 2798207

#Projectnat is going to make you a legend. Going be intense birthday party happy birthday @beerisrad

— jj biester (@jjbiester)
ID: 2798211


— & (@soulvaaay)
ID: 2798212

If one more person asks me a question related to project nat I'm gonna choke someone out. Let me plan this fuckin shit fools!

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798214

10. Nathaniel’s massive high school party started getting a lot of attention on Twitter…

1000 followers in 10 days and I better see you all there...

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798221

11. Including the attention of the Marion County Sheriff’s department.

Looking for any information on a large party said to be occurring around 6:00 p.m. coined "Project Nat". If you have info call 503-588-5032

— Marion Co. Sheriff (@MCSOInTheKnow)
ID: 2798225

@beerisrad your actions could lead to your arrest. If you have questions about "Project Nat" please call the shift Sergeant @ 503-588-5032

— Marion Co. Sheriff (@MCSOInTheKnow)
ID: 2798226

13. Because this is 2014, of course the young Nathaniel decided to quickly tweet back at the police and clear up the confusion.

@MCSOInTheKnow b I have no information, it's just my birthday. Not my party.

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798250

I do not condone or permit underage drinking.

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798227

Since when did hype become illegal? Hmmm

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798229

16. Nathaniel ended up getting arrested, however, and was charged with giving alcohol to a minor and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

Well. Ya win some, and ya lose some. Right?

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798230

17. The story didn’t end there for Nathaniel, though. His party hashtag was described by local reporters as a “Project X-style” rager and they interviewed him about it.

ID: 2798245

18. According to the reporter, Nathaniel requested the ability to record himself during the interview. The reporter allowed this, seemingly because she’s never met a Twitter troll in real life before.

ID: 2798246

19. Also, Nathaniel’s friends are selling shirts with his mugshot on them.

If you want to buy #theproject shirts hit up my boys @Kteeezie and/or @zbilyeu with your size, only $20.

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798263

20. Nathaniel seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, though.

Before judging others, take a look at yourself.

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798326

Twitter drama is highly entertaining. #hatersassemble

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798327

22. And he’s got some parting words for anyone out there who thinks his party was a big deal.

The fact that I am on any news sites, let alone major ones like @HuffPostWeird shows that the medias priorities are distorted beyond belief.

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798293

But it's okay, I guess I'll help take people's attention away from the more serious stuff going on in the world at the moment. #likeyouwant

— Ferris Bieber (@beerisrad)
ID: 2798295

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