A Local News Reporter On Live TV Accidentally Ate Cat Vomit Off The Floor And Oh My God Was It Gross

Warning: This post contains images of a man accidentally eating cat vomit on live television.

1. On the right there, bending over, is Scot Haney, weatherman for Hartford’s CBS affiliate WFSB.

2. On Wednesday morning, he scooped up what he thought were Grape Nuts and ate them on live TV.

3. Why he decided to eat anything of the floor of a TV studio is a mystery, but here we are.

4. He described what he ate as “soggy,” which makes sense, because he just ate cat vomit.

5. He then realized that something wasn’t quite right.

7. Yeaaaahh, you just ate cat vomit. That’s definitely a “I just ate vomit” face.

8. Then in the next segment, he takes OFF his shoe and HOLDS it up to the camera. He then explains in horrifying detail that he ate cat vomit he had stepped in while leaving the house that morning.

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