4-Year-Old Boy Falls Out Of Third Story Window And Lands On Feet While Wearing Superman Shirt

That means he’s Superman, right?

1. This is four-year-old Dylan Hayes. He fell out of a third story window while playing Superman.

ID: 957830

2. This is how far Dylan fell.

ID: 957861

3. He ended up doing two somersaults in the air and landing standing up on the gravel below.

ID: 957864

4. Dylan ended up being hospitalized for only 20 hours and was released from care without a scratch on him. (The neck brace is just a precaution.)

ID: 957863

5. His mother, Jessica, was cleaning at the time he fell and is just thankful he’s alive.

ID: 957865

6. Chances are, though, this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Dylan Hayes…

ID: 957901

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