9 Conspiracy Theories About Newsweek’s Story On Satoshi Nakamoto, The Alleged Father Of Bitcoin

Questions abound since the man Newsweek reported is the reclusive creator of Bitcoin said he had nothing to do with the digital currency — and you know what the internet does with unanswered questions.

Newsweek reported Thursday it had found the mysterious founder of Bitcoin living in Temple City, Calif. But in a two-hour interview with the Associated Press, Satoshi Nakamoto denied any involvement with Bitcoin.

David Mcnew / Reuters

What’s the truth? The internet has many theories.

2. The media frenzy around Satoshi helped the CEO of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox steal 180,000 bitcoins.

5. Satoshi Nakamoto really is the inventor of Bitcoin and is just messing with everyone because he’s either…

6. An older mentally unbalanced shut-in or he’s covering up the fact he might have invented Bitcoin for the CIA or the FBI.

8. If Satoshi Nakamoto really is the inventor of Bitcoin he might have been asking for a “free lunch” because it’s an economic code phrase.

9. But it also might not be.

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