20 Things The Federal Government Doesn’t Consider Essential, Apparently

For the most part, they’re services that help low-income women, children, and veterans. Oh, and science stuff too.

1. Museums

20th Century Fox

All federally funded museums, like the Smithsonian, have closed due to the shutdown.

2. Safety inspections for food and drugs

The Food And Drug Administration’s routine safety inspections have ceased, reduced to operating only under emergencies. Read more about the specifics here.

All 400 national parks have closed, including the little lady above. Read more about the specifics here.

Due to the gov't shutdown, all public NASA activities/events are cancelled or postponed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

— MarsCuriosity (@Curiosity Rover)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development will not able to continue paying for public housing after October. Read more about the specifics here.

Federal occupational safety and health inspectors will stop regular workplace inspections, reserved only for emergencies.

The National Institutes of Health’s clinical research center, which treats roughly 10,000 patients a year (many of which are children with cancer), will turn away about 200 patients weekly. Read more about the specifics here.

The Small Business Administration has no ability to initiate any new loans for small businesses. Read more about the specifics here.

New applications for Social Security have been put on hold until the shutdown is over.

We're sorry, but we will not be tweeting or responding to @ replies during the government shutdown. We'll be back as soon as possible!

— CDCFlu (@CDC Flu)

11. Civilian employees for the Department Of Defense

About half of the Defense Department’s civilian employees are going to be furloughed.

12. The National Zoo

Including the Panda Cam. While the zoos will be closed to the public, animals will still be cared for.

13. The Environmental Protection Agency

The federal government is currently shut down.

— EPA (@U.S. EPA)

14. Checking immigration statuses

The Department of Homeland Security will not be able to verify the immigration status of any new employees until the shutdown is over.

15. Head Start Programs

Head Start programs that provide education, health, and nutrition (among other important things) to about 1 million low-income children will shut down. So far 3,200 preschoolers have already been affected.

16. The opening of new bars

The people who oversee licensing new distilleries, breweries and wineries at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau are not accepting new applications during the shutdown. Read more about the specifics here.

17. All Library of Congress buildings

You can read more about the specifics here.

Read more about the specifics on the Social Security administration’s ability to give out disability benefits here.

19. Disability benefits for veterans

Read more about The Veterans Appeal Board’s ability to do the same for veterans here.

20. Public assistance for women and children near the poverty line

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has shutdown as well. A program which provides 8.9 million moms and kids with food and necessities. Read more about the specifics here.

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