14 Photos Of George W. Bush Touching Bald Men’s Heads

This is exactly what it sounds like.

1. Imgur user MikePayne points out that Dubya had a weird fascination with bald men’s heads.

2. Look at this guy’s face he’s just like, “really?”

3. “Okay Mr. President, if you insist ha ha, okay, please stop.”

4. “Its nice to meet your President Bu—oh, okay, yeah, you can touch my head.”

5. “Please stop.”

6. “I’m a soldier, damnit. Stop that.”

8. “Oh my God, look at your head. Can I touch it?”

9. “Oh yeah, I’ve gotta touch that scalp.”

10. “This is an A+ dome, right here. And I’d know, I’ve touched a few in my day.”

11. “How are you, cool, let me touch that head.”

12. “Yes, bald, good.”

13. “Can I just take a second and feel this kid’s dome?”

14. “That’s some good imitation turkey scalp right there, I tell you what.”



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