14 Photos Of George W. Bush Touching Bald Men’s Heads

This is exactly what it sounds like.

1. Imgur user MikePayne points out that Dubya had a weird fascination with bald men’s heads.

ID: 1026316

2. Look at this guy’s face he’s just like, “really?”

ID: 1026328

3. “Okay Mr. President, if you insist ha ha, okay, please stop.”

ID: 1026329

4. “Its nice to meet your President Bu—oh, okay, yeah, you can touch my head.”

ID: 1026330

5. “Please stop.”

ID: 1026332

6. “I’m a soldier, damnit. Stop that.”

ID: 1026333

7. Surprise!

ID: 1026334

8. “Oh my God, look at your head. Can I touch it?”

ID: 1026335

9. “Oh yeah, I’ve gotta touch that scalp.”

ID: 1026336

10. “This is an A+ dome, right here. And I’d know, I’ve touched a few in my day.”

ID: 1026362

11. “How are you, cool, let me touch that head.”

ID: 1026338

12. “Yes, bald, good.”

ID: 1026339

13. “Can I just take a second and feel this kid’s dome?”

ID: 1026340

14. “That’s some good imitation turkey scalp right there, I tell you what.”

ID: 1026374


ID: 1026380


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