14 Eerie And Gorgeous Instagrams Of Boston’s Road Closure

In light of the massive snowfall Massachusetts is expecting tonight, Boston has ordered a subway shutdown and road closure, leaving the city empty.

1. Boston’s subways shut down today at 3:30pm and their roads closed at 4:00pm…

ID: 873551

2. …Leaving most of the city deserted.

ID: 873554

3. Commuters walk through a deserted Newbury Street to hunker down before large expected snowfall tonight.

ID: 873563

5. Snow falls on a silent South Street.

ID: 873556

6. And piles up in the parks of Boston’s Back Bay.

ID: 873558

7. Boston Common is whipped by winds and snow fall.

ID: 873576

9. Massachusetts is expecting up to two feet of snow tonight into tomorrow.

ID: 873565

11. Boston’s financial district clears out as office workers attempt to get home before the road closure.

ID: 873580

12. By 5 o’clock, Boston’s Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge is deserted.

ID: 873594

13. And North Station clears out, as well.

ID: 873613

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