A Student Told Her Professor She Won’t Be Attending Class Because It’s Beyoncé’s Birthday


Last night, Ja-Niece Best tweeted this screengrab of an email she sent to her professor explaining she’d be absent from class today because it is “the Goddess that is Queen Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s birthday”.

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The graphic design student ended the note wishing her professor a “blessed day”, and reminding him that he should remember to “Bow Down”, because Beyoncé loves him.

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Why did she decide to send this email? Her love of the musician, of course.

Best is a straight A student who has been on the Deans list every year at her University, and is an aspiring entertainer and actor herself. She told BuzzFeed: “I love and respect Beyoncé so much. I’ve loved her for fifteen years! Her music, her work ethic, her success at such a young age. But what I love most about her is her humbleness. Throughout all of the success she still remains a well-grounded sweet country girl and has never become big headed. Because she gives her all which is 100000% EVERY TIME and because she is such a nice person, I will continue to defend & love her all day every day.”

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Best has given the world an excellent idea: Let’s make 4 September an international holiday in honour of Beyoncé’s birthday!

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Best has told BuzzFeed that the professor has not responded yet. She joked: “They’re probably shocked at my email. I didn’t mean to send it right away but without thinking. I ended up sending it so I was so speechless like ‘What did I just do!?’”

She said the responses she’s been receiving have been mixed: “Some have been calling me crazy, others have been thanking me because it really should be a holiday. As for those calling me crazy: I don’t understand why, because if they can miss class for staying up partying and drinking all night why can’t I miss class for Beyoncé’s birthday?”

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