Twitter Wonders Why, Of All The Towns In Ohio, Obama Visited Sandusky

The president’s visit to the Ohio town comes on the heels of Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky’s conviction for child sexual assault. This fact didn’t escape Twitter users. posted on

There's gotta be a better way to phrase that RT @ZekeJMiller:" target="_blank">">@ZekeJMiller: Obama's motorcade just arrived in Sandusky

Thought this was an Onion headline at first... RT @cspan" target="_blank">">@cspan President Obama campaigns in Sandusky, OH – LIVE online here:…" target="_blank">">…

Obama is visiting Sandusky? Idiots will be confused by this. And the idiot voter block remains up for grabs.

“ President Obama campaigns in Sandusky, Ohio"-Bad place to campaign at Obama. You clearly aren't getting the youth vote now.

There has to be a town in Ohio not called #Sandusky" target="_blank">">#Sandusky that Obama could have had a campaign event, no?

Awkward timing for the Obama campaign to visit an Ohio town called Sandusky #PennState" target="_blank">">#PennState

It's sad, when I hear the President is heading to Sandusky, the first thing I think of is Jerry not Ohio.

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