The Only Presidential Candidate This Year Who Dabbled In Gay Porn

Andre Barnett, representing the party of Ross Perot, is also a “fitness model.”

Andre Barnett, the Reform Party presidential candidate this year, is a fitness model and resident of upstate New York. He’s also a former porn actor, having made softcore videos for, a bodybuilding site.

Barnett’s past has garnered him the endorsement of The Sword, a gay porn website [NSFW]:

Andre Barnett is a former fitness model and semi-nude bodybuilder porn star who made videos for gay porn site Andre Barnett is also running for president of the United States as a Reform Party candidate with fiscally conservative solutions, and The Sword is proud to endorse him because his body is insane. But is America ready to elect its first black president who used to be a gay porn star?

The Sword hates Barnett’s actual positions, though:

What a complete and total asshole. But at the same time, if there’s anyone who can get America moving again, it’s a semi-nude gay porn star in a towel. Andre Barnett ’12!

Barnett was nominated by his party in August, but has ballot access to fewer than 50 electoral votes.

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