5 Weirdest Questions On Scientology’s Sea Org Application

Former Village Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega has obtained a copy of the application people must fill out who want to be part of the Sea Org, Scientology’s strict religious order for which members sign billion-year contracts. “You can’t be shot for what you have done, you can only be shot for what you haven’t told us.”

1. Have you taken LSD or “Acid” (Some slang names are “blotter acid”, “window pane”, “orange sunshine”, “purple haze”, and “microdot”)?

A decent number of the questions focus around mind-altering drugs, which Scientology is emphatically against.

2. Have you ever taken PCP or Angel Dust (Some slang names are “Sherms”, “Superweed”, “Dust”, “Super Kool”, “Killer Weed”, “Whack” and “Animal Tranquilizer”)?

Mainly two drugs, at least on this application: PCP and acid.

3. Have you ever been involved in homosexual activities or sexual perversions? If so, please note any handlings done:

In Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard classifies homosexuality as a perversion, and on his “Tone Scale” of human emotion, he classifies it as “covertly hostile.”

4. Are you related to or connected to intelligence agencies either by past history or immediate family?

A good intelligence agent would presumably answer “no” to this one.

5. Are you here to disrupt the organization?

The correct answer here also appears to be “no.”

Read all 56 questions at Ortega’s blog, The Underground Bunker.

Remember: “You can’t be shot for what you have done, you can only be shot for what you haven’t told us.”

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