North Korea Sets Deadline For Diplomats To Leave: Next Wednesday

The next phase of brinksmanship.

BREAKING — AFP: Britain says North Korea cannot assure embassies’ safety from April 10— Michael van Poppel

WASHINGTON — North Korea is continuing to escalate its war rhetoric, warning foreign diplomats in Pyongyang on Friday they might not be safe after April 10 in the event of a conflict.

According to Agence France-Presse, British diplomats were warned that their safety can’t be guaranteed after April 10.

The Russian foreign ministry Twitter feed tweeted that their diplomats had been told to leave:

Lavrov: We need to understand the reasons for evacuating the embassies in Pyong Yang, whether it’s a North Korean decision or just an offer— MFA Russia

Lavrov:All the embassies in Pyong Yang have been offered to evacuate; we are hoping to clarify the situation— MFA Russia

And Germany has decided to evacuate its embassy in Pyongyang, according to German news agency DPA:

Nordkorea: Deutschland soll Botschaft in Pjöngjang räumen - dpa

— carsten_erdmann (@Carsten Erdmann)

Nordkorea: Deutschland soll Botschaft in Pjöngjang räumen - dpa— Carsten Erdmann

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