Mitt Romney’s Doctor Is Obsessed With Him

Romney’s doctor at Mass General writes glowingly of his “reserves of strength, energy and stamina.” posted on

Mitt Romney’s doctor is one of his biggest fans. The campaign released his 2011 tax returns as well as doctor’s letters for him and Paul Ryan today, and the letter for Romney, from Dr. Randall Gaz of Massachusetts General Hospital, ends on an unusually enthusiastic note:

Dr. Gaz’s lavish praise has inspired some parodies.

Romney health report: "He has a sculpted torso, a steely gaze, yet there is a warmth to him. He is also hung like a horse."

The redacted portion of Romney's health report is his doc saying he has "hair like a Viking prince"

Why did doctor omit the story of the time Romney killed a ravenous wild lion with his mind?

"Governor Romney glistens with the sweat of a gladiator. He has the face of Adonis and the body of a god." #RomneyDoctorNotes" target="_blank">">#RomneyDoctorNotes

Or "strong jawline" RT @jess_mc:" target="_blank">">@jess_mc: Can't believe Romney's doc got through that note without once using the word "manly."

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