Jose Canseco: Governor Of Massachusetts?

The former baseball star contemplates an unlikely campaign on Twitter, and considers a presidential bid in a text to BuzzFeed. “Who are the haters screwing with the teachers?” posted on

I have now learned of air quality problems in Sudbury ,lack of dog neutering and road repair everywhere ,and lack of $ for FDs & PDs .More?

I will make it possible to turn right on red in Danvers and will bring hispeed internet to Braintree and solve the power outage in Fenway

Who are the haters screwing with the teachers in Leominster I need to slap them teachers are gold

Politics is easy if you use your ears and not your mouth .Just listen you goverment morons listen

A possible campaign slogan:

A Shot In The Commonwealth's Arm #CansecoForGovernorSlogans" target="_blank">">#CansecoForGovernorSlogans

Asked if he would really consider running for governor, Canseco replied by text message, “For president.”

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