Where Googlers Get Sassy

Where Googlers hate on their own kind — and pay respect to Steve Jobs. An exclusive look at more images from Google’s secret mockery machine.

Here is a more newsy meme, put out after the programming judge asked Oracle and Google to disclose paid commenters during this summer’s copyright trial.

ID: 618001

Images from Google’s Memegen, an internal bulletin board, show how employees blow off steam with sometimes-savage self-mockery of the tech giant, its figureheads and its culture. In this batch, obtained from a source with access to Memegen, Googlers face a little more outward, but most of the biting commentary is still directed toward Google itself.

ID: 618026

Memegen’s topics range from the topical to the evergreen. Google bikes, the free painted transport around the Googleplex, is a frequent target.

ID: 618035

The Apple/Google split is addressed pretty directly in Memegen.

ID: 618044

Memegen also gets real nerdy, as you might gather from this crack about Hadoop, a software framework that’s used by a lot of companies working with a lot of data (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.).

ID: 618397

Memegen gets wicked, but it also gets sad, too. Like this simple Steve Jobs post.

ID: 618037

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