18 Apps Every College Student Should Download Right Now

So the best four years of your life will also be the most convenient.

1. Venmo

Link your bank account to this app, so you and your friends can pay one other back without having to deal with the hassle of cash.
Cost: Free

ID: 1480344

2. Clear

Keep track of your various to-do lists, and sync them with your other devices so you can access them from anywhere.
Cost: $2.99

ID: 1480484

3. Snap2PDF

Take a picture of any handout/textbook to convert it into a PDF (one that recognizes text and provides translations for foreign language words!), so you can take all those binders off your shelves and make room for more beer.
Cost: $2.99

ID: 1480695

4. WaterIn

Sure, drinking and college go hand-in-hand, but we all know that doesn’t mean you’re drinking water. WaterIn tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink water when you haven’t had enough. Here’s to hydrating!
Cost: Free

ID: 1484476

5. Duolingo

It teaches you, tests you, and even sometimes fails you, all so you can ace that language class.
Cost: Free

ID: 1484523

6. Lemon Wallet

College exists for you to make mistakes and stupid decisions, like losing your wallet. Lemon Wallet is an app that exists to make the next morning as easy as possible.
Cost: Free

ID: 1484979

7. AnyList

Grocery lists that can be shared and synced, which update on all devices at once, so you and your new roommate(s) don’t run into any trouble coordinating groceries.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485258

8. Viber

Keep in touch with your family and friends using free texting and free voice calls, no matter how far away you are from them. This is essential if you’re studying abroad.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485284

9. SleepCycle

Newsflash: You aren’t going to be doing much sleeping these next four years. This app calculates the length and frequency of your REM cycles to make sure that when you do get some shut-eye, it’s valuable.
Cost: $1.99

ID: 1485376

10. 7-Minute Workout

You’re gonna get too busy to work out, but you’ll probably find seven minutes to spare. Stave off the Freshman 15.
Cost: $1.99

ID: 1485115

11. My Fitness Pal

This app tracks your calorie intake, to keep you in check while college lures you into a beer-and-pizza diet.
Cost: Free

ID: 1486181

12. Google Drive

If you’re a college student in 2013, you’re going to have more Google Docs than you know what to do with. This is what you do: Get this app on your phone so you can access them from anywhere. To access non-Google docs on the go, use Dropbox and Box.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485425

13. IntelliDrink

Drinking is fun. Drinking dangerously is not. Check on yourself and on your friends before you get there.
Cost: $1.99

ID: 1485495

14. Mixologist

Speaking of drinking, download this app in lieu of the bartending class you can’t afford to take yet.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485575


College has a way of making your money disappear. Use this budgeting app to track where it’s disappearing to.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485609

16. Chegg

Instead of selling your soul to buy textbooks every semester, find cheap rentals (with free shipping!) on Chegg.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485752

17. Everest

College is hectic and busy and can make you lose sight of your life goals. Everest will keep track of them for you.
Cost: Free

ID: 1485640

18. Smile Alarm

So you make it to that 9 a.m. lecture at least a couple of times all semester.
Cost: $2.99

ID: 1485683

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