Why #Sharkeisha Is Trending On Twitter

A terrifying fight video and a particularly unique name = memes for days, apparently. The internet is a dark place.

1. Last night, this scary fight video started to go viral. It appears to show a young girl named Shay getting badly beaten by another girl named Sharkeisha.

3. The violent clip shows Sharkeisha walloping Shay, who seemed to be blindsided. “Don’t kick her, Sharkeisha!” her friend yells.

5. Despite the nature of the video, the internet wasted no time creating memes and jokes for the fight.

7. There’s nothing really funny about the video, but that didn’t stop the internet from making scads of racially-charged jokes about Sharkeisha and her name.

22. A blatantly racist definition was added to the site.

24. Sharkeisha herself seems to be enjoying her undeserved newfound celebrity.

This item has been updated to reflect that the fight video itself is not funny.

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