An Audience Was Tricked Into Using Their Phones To See What Happens When You Text And Drive

It’s pretty clever.

1. Volkswagen created a pretty impressive PSA for an audience in Hong Kong that shows what happens when you look at your phone while driving.

ID: 3099835
ID: 3099645

3. After they were seated, the audience was shown a first-person view of a car on the road.

ID: 3099839

4. Using a location-based broadcaster, a person hiding upstairs then sent a text to everyone in the theater.

ID: 3099840

5. While they took a moment to look at their phone, the car suddenly slammed abruptly into a tree — much like it could have if they had actually been driving.

ID: 3099846

6. It was pretty alarming.

ID: 3099838

7. “Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel,” the ad finished. Well played, Volkswagen.

ID: 3099850

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