This Epic Note-Passing War On A Delayed Flight Won Thanksgiving [UPDATED]

Update: Looks like it was all an elaborate hoax.

1. Los Angeles-based Elan Gale, whose Twitter bio says he’s a producer on ABC’s The Bachelor, began tweeting on Thanksgiving claiming that a woman in his airport was getting testy with airline staff over their delayed flight.

4. According to Gale, the woman was pretty angry that she might be late for her Thanksgiving dinner.

7. Gale said the woman couldn’t believe that she might be late, and she wanted everyone to know.

10. Finally, the plane took off. But Gale’s encounter with her was just beginning.

12. That might be because he decided to send her a glass of wine and a note saying he hoped that it would make her talk less.

14. Gale said he wasn’t the only one frustrated with the angry flier behind him.

16. A flight attendant clearly took his side.

18. And Gale began to plot on how he could irritate the woman.

21. The war was only just beginning.

23. But Gale clearly kind of loved it.

26. Then the woman struck back.

29. Burn!

31. Gale plotted his revenge on Diane.

33. He sent out a description of her to his more than 35,000 Twitter followers.

Note: He now has more than 130,000.

35. And even tweeted at US Airways in hopes of getting her kicked off the plane.

37. He prepared for his retaliation.

40. It got a little intense for a bit there.

42. The bird is in the nest! Repeat: The bird is in the nest!

46. Diane shot back with her own threat. It was getting heated.

49. And of course, Gale couldn’t let her have the last word.

66. Despite the holiday, Twitter users were glued to their screens following the Thanksgiving dramatics.

69. Update, Dec. 2, 9:40 p.m., ET: Looks like Gale might have pulled one over on all of us, seemingly admitting on Twitter to the whole thing being a hoax.

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