This Epic Note-Passing War On A Delayed Flight Won Thanksgiving [UPDATED]

Update: Looks like it was all an elaborate hoax. posted on

1. Los Angeles-based Elan Gale, whose Twitter bio says he’s a producer on ABC’s The Bachelor, began tweeting on Thanksgiving claiming that a woman in his airport was getting testy with airline staff over their delayed flight.

Our flight is delayed. A woman on here is very upset because she has Thanksgiving plans. She is the only one obviously. Praying for her

She's telling the flight attendants that it is Thanksgiving. She wants them to know she wants to have dinner with her family

4. According to Gale, the woman was pretty angry that she might be late for her Thanksgiving dinner.

The male flight attendant said "I understand ma'am. I'm looking forward to seeing my family too." She responded "This isn't about you"

Her family is very important to her, she says. Her family has a special recipe for stuffing. She needs to be there to help. It is crucial

7. Gale said the woman couldn’t believe that she might be late, and she wanted everyone to know.

She has a connecting flight. Why doesn't anyone understand she has a connecting flight? Why do people not understand her needs?

"Today is Thanksgiving! I'm supposed to be with my family. NOT with you people I barely know!"

10. Finally, the plane took off. But Gale’s encounter with her was just beginning.

She had to sit down because we took off. She has been muttering "about DAMN time" and I can hear her breathing from 5 rows back

12. That might be because he decided to send her a glass of wine and a note saying he hoped that it would make her talk less.

14. Gale said he wasn’t the only one frustrated with the angry flier behind him.

The male flight attendant is giving me the "let's just pretend this never happened" face. Shaking his head a lot

16. A flight attendant clearly took his side.

He gave me two little bottles of vodka but he won't hand them to her. He says I have to do it myself

18. And Gale began to plot on how he could irritate the woman.

Oh my God I did it I walked as if I was going to the bathroom and I leaned over and put them on her tray table and walked away Oh my God

21. The war was only just beginning.

She just stared at me like REALLY hard. She was breathing through her teeth and I think she just couldn't believe I was doing that

23. But Gale clearly kind of loved it.

I'm not going to lie I am shaking this is so terrifying she is so angry at me it's kind of incredible

I don't really know what to do now I'm afraid to get out of my seat. This is like being on a roller coaster I'm scared and super excited

26. Then the woman struck back.

29. Burn!

31. Gale plotted his revenge on Diane.

Well I don't know what I'm going to so next but I've got two hours left on this flight and I'm going to retaliate

33. He sent out a description of her to his more than 35,000 Twitter followers.

Note: He now has more than 130,000.

Diane is in her late 40s or early 50s. She is wearing mom jeans and a studded belt and she is wearing a medical mask over her idiot face

35. And even tweeted at US Airways in hopes of getting her kicked off the plane.

@USAirwaysHelp hi I find a passenger on one of your planes to be annoying. If I give you money will you remove her? I want to buy her seat

37. He prepared for his retaliation.

I'm considering balling it up and putting it in my mouth and spitting it into her tray table as I walk by but I haven't decided yet

40. It got a little intense for a bit there.

I just walked by her and said "I'll be back shortly." Then I stopped and took this picture and smiled at her

42. The bird is in the nest! Repeat: The bird is in the nest!

46. Diane shot back with her own threat. It was getting heated.

49. And of course, Gale couldn’t let her have the last word.

51. The plane landed, and the story took a surprisingly violent turn.

52. Gale concluded the story after making his connecting flight.

When I got off the plane I waited for her at the gate. I was holding another note in my hand and I was going to give it to her

The gate agent for the next flight actually grabbed her and held her back. He asked me if I wanted to have the airport police come over

She turned to the gate agent and said "Am I going to make my flight to Sacramento?"

I laughed. And then the gate agent said "Are you sure you don't want to talk to the police? You can if you want to"

And I said "No. It's okay. I understand. But I do have a note for her." And I handed it to her and I walked away

59. This final interaction between them was his final lesson for Diane.

"Look me up online. Read every tweet. Read every response. And maybe next time you'll be nice to people who are just trying to help"

65. He thanked everyone who tweeted at him and enjoyed the crazy back and forth fight.

Let me just say this: What started off as an annoyance became a pleasure because of you people. Seriously. More than anything. I love you

66. Despite the holiday, Twitter users were glued to their screens following the Thanksgiving dramatics.

Be thankful your family feud today isn't as bad as @theyearofelan and Diane in 7A on a delayed flight right now.

69. Update, Dec. 2, 9:40 p.m., ET: Looks like Gale might have pulled one over on all of us, seemingly admitting on Twitter to the whole thing being a hoax.

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