A U.S. Government Twitter Account Accidentally Sent Out A Hilarious Tweet About The Kim Kardashian Game

Looks like the reality star has a fan at the EPA. Update: The tweet has been deleted.


The EPA sent out a humorous tweet apologizing for the error, and explained to BuzzFeed why it was sent.

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“An EPA fellow inadvertently triggered an auto-generated tweet. She regrets the error and has been advised on the sensitivities of using social media,” a spokeswoman told BuzzFeed.

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4. Whoever runs the Twitter account for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s had a bit of down time tonight and decided to move up a social class in the Kim Kardashian game.

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6. With the app, an addicting race to get ahead in Hollywood, dominating smartphone users’ lives, the tweet got hundreds of retweets in minutes.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA RT @EPAwater I'm now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!

— Mike Mulraney (@mullrainee)
ID: 3437710

@EPAwater what are you doing

— Jeffrey Allton (@jeffallton)
ID: 3437712

@EPAwater Omg, this is just grand.

— Jonathan Ng (@TheJonathanNg)
ID: 3437711

EPA Kim Kardashian Twitter is my new favorite Twitter

— Alex Yudelson (@AlexYudelson)
ID: 3437728

The EPA Kim Kardashian Hollywood tweet might be the highlight of my twitter experience.

— Elizabeth Hickey (@squawkingharpy)
ID: 3437896

I will never stop laughing about that EPA tweet about Kim Kardashian OH MY GOD

— Eva Palmer (@Eva_Palmer)
ID: 3437730

13. Then the jokes began.

ID: 3437768

How the EPA's Kim Kardashian tweet makes a strong case for a carbon tax. http://t.co/YEHiH9Pq1A

— Vox (@vauxnews)
ID: 3437724

We had a good run, humanity.

— Adrian Carrasquillo (@RealAdrianC)
ID: 3437732

The EPA may only be a C-List celebrity on the Kim Kardashian game, but the CIA still hasn't beaten Final Fantasy VII.

— Joshua Lyman (@joshualyman)
ID: 3437898

Making the C-list on the Kim Kardashian game is the most efficient thing the EPA ever did https://t.co/ruZ66zH7RQ

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos)
ID: 3437761

I'd pay someone to catch Kim Kardashian off guard and ask her if she knows what the EPA is. She'll think it's a fashion label.

— Kathleen Schmidt (@Bookgirl96)
ID: 3437794

20. A Congressman even jumped on board.

Might be time for a Kardashintervention.

ID: 3437991

I'm the last original author of the Clean Water Act, but I have no idea who/what a Kardashian is and I rarely play games. You OK, @EPAwater?

— John Dingell (@john_dingell)
ID: 3437989

22. Basically, the EPA is all of us.

ID: 3437799

Smh EPA water is addicted to that Kim kardashian game too

— daoud (@daoudtful)
ID: 3437806
Glu Games Inc
ID: 3437775


The EPA quietly deleted the tweet early Tuesday after nearly three hours, and more than 3,000 retweets.

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