A U.S. Government Twitter Account Accidentally Sent Out A Hilarious Tweet About The Kim Kardashian Game

Looks like the reality star has a fan at the EPA. Update: The tweet has been deleted.


The EPA sent out a humorous tweet apologizing for the error, and explained to BuzzFeed why it was sent.

“An EPA fellow inadvertently triggered an auto-generated tweet. She regrets the error and has been advised on the sensitivities of using social media,” a spokeswoman told BuzzFeed.

4. Whoever runs the Twitter account for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s had a bit of down time tonight and decided to move up a social class in the Kim Kardashian game.

6. With the app, an addicting race to get ahead in Hollywood, dominating smartphone users’ lives, the tweet got hundreds of retweets in minutes.

13. Then the jokes began.

20. A Congressman even jumped on board.

Might be time for a Kardashintervention.

22. Basically, the EPA is all of us.

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The EPA quietly deleted the tweet early Tuesday after nearly three hours, and more than 3,000 retweets.

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