Watch A Massive Wave Crash Through A Restaurant In Southern California

No injuries have been reported from the wave that rudely interrupted many diners’ breakfast. California has been having crazy weather lately, with storms causing 12-foot waves, flash floods, and mudslides.

1. Diners at the Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara, Calif., captured powerful waves that resulted from a winter storm.

“The dining room was filled with the sound of glass shattering and people screaming as a wave of water rush over the dining room carpet,” witness Forrest Buchanan wrote on YouTube.

Buchanan added that they evacuated the room without any further injuries from the minor ones suffered when the waves crashed through.

3. “High tide and big swell can make for some salty eggs!!,” wrote witness Jill Freeland.

4. And here’s one that was filmed straight-on:

“We wanted to watch the waves rolling in from the storm that started last night, and boy did we get to watch a wave roll in,” witness Michael Quaranta wrote.

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