10 Most Popular Tech Stories Of The Week

One way to figure out the best tech stories of the week: Looking at the stuff people are saving with Pocket, the Web’s biggest read-later service. These are the 10 most-saved tech stories of the week.

1. How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

Lifehacker / Via

Maybe, after the election, everyone is over this whole Internet thing. Pocket’s most-saved tech story this week was Thorin Klosowski’s Lifehacker guide to permanently deleting yourself from the Internet.

Read it here.

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2. How to Sell Your Old Gadgets Online

Once you’ve quit the Internet, then you can sell all your stuff. The Verge showed us how.

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3. Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee’s Heart of Darkness / Via http://Gizmodo

Journalist Jeff Wise traveled to Belize for Gizmodo to hunt down John McAfee, “founding father of the anti-virus software industry,” who was arrested in May after authorities found a stash that included $20,000 in cash and a pile of weapons. He was later released, but what’s he doing holed up in Central America?

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4. Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts And Optimal Form Field Labels / Via http://Trent%20Walton

For the UX geeks, here’s a guide from Christian Holst in Smashing Magazine on how to make the right decisions regarding adaptive layouts or responsive layouts.

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5. What’s It Like To Work For Tim Cook?

This just in: Tech site curious about Apple’s corporate culture.

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6. ‘I Am a Terrible Programmer’

What does that even mean? Some words of wisdom from Dan Shipper: “Like most things in life, the answer to what a good coder is, is somewhere in between the guy who wants to get it out fast and the guy who wants to make it beautiful.”

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ID: 686257

7. Why did Apple release the iPad 4 so soon after the iPad 3? / Via http://Ars%20Technica

There’s a new iPad — but didn’t we just get a new iPad? “We’ve heard a few theories, and have a few of our own.” Ars Technica breaks down why there’s another one already.

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8. Smart Bulbs: How Many Features Does It Take to Screw in an LED Light Bulb? / Via http://The%20Verge

What are smart bulbs and should we be using them? The Verge investigates the differences between halogen, CFL, and LED.

Read it here.

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9. Microsoft Video: Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word / Via http://YouTube

In the future, everyone will be multilingual! Here’s a Microsoft demo of new speech-recognition software that translates spoken English into computer-generated Chinese.

ID: 686328

10. Nexus 10 Review

One thing we’ve noticed: People love writing (and saving for later) long-form gadget reviews. Here, the Android Police offer up their review of the new Nexus 10 tablet, how it compares to its Android and non-Android competitors.

Read the whole thing.

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