The Complete History Of People Making The Same Joke About The Men’s Wearhouse Motto

As the drama surrounding the suit store continues — from firing its founder to poor quarterly results to a takeover battle with Jos A. Bank — puns on “you’re going to like the way you look” got more action on Twitter than a rental tux during prom season. posted on

(Possibly a Men’s Wearhouse rental.)

For the last 7 months, discount suit maker Men’s Wearhouse has made headlines in the business press. The latest came today, when it announced a $1.6 billion hostile bid to takeover smaller rival JoS A. Bank. That offer is actually Men’s Wearhouse’s second, having been rebuffed in its first attempt in late November.

But wait, there’s more — in October, JoS A. Bank actually offered to buy Men’s Wearhouse not once, but twice. And, of course, all of this dealmaking back-and-forth began as a result of Men’s Wearhouse firing its iconic founder and commercial pitchman George Zimmer in June.

Of course, while the retailer’s situation has been in flux since the summer, there has been one constant theme running through its corporate gyrations: people making jokes on Twitter using its tagline, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

Here’s a timeline of key events surrounding the retailer as told through Twitter jokes using its motto:

3. June 24, 2013: Men’s Wearhouse fires boss George Zimmer.

Cincinnati teen shopper among those waiting to see whether he'll like the way Men's Wearhouse looks w/out Zimmer:

4. Sept. 12, 2013: Men’s Wearhouse blames poor 2013 sales on brides not wanting to get married in a year ending in “13.”

You're going to like the way this excuse looks, guaranteed. Men's Wearhouse blames poor sales on triskaidekaphobia

5. Oct. 9, 2013: Jos A. Bank offers to buy Men’s Wearhouse and is unceremoniously rejected.

Jos A Bank to Men’s Wearhouse: We like the way you look. But silence on the gaurantee. Still needs to be hammered out

6. Jan. 6, 2014: Men’s Wearhouse raises its bid to acquire Jos. A. Bank.

Men's Wearhouse turns hostile in pursuit of Jos. A. Bank. "You're GOING to like the way you look."

7. And on and on and on:

Investors liking the way Men's Wearhouse looks - after hostile bid for Jos A. Bank $MW $JOSB

Men's Wearhouse turns hostile in pursuit of Jos. A. Bank. "You're GOING to like the way you look."

You're going to like the way you look (for a billion, I would) | Men’s Wearhouse Ups Bid for Jos. A. Bank to $1.6B

Men's Wearhouse Mounts Hostile Takeover Bid For Rival Jos. A. Bank. Are you still "gonna like the way you look?

“Men's Wearhouse turns hostile in pursuit of Jos. A. Bank. "You're GOING to like the way you look."” @AVas_5

You're going to like the way you're bought. Men's Wearhouse is the suitor's suitor.

@WSJbusiness: Men's Wearhouse Offers to Buy JA Bank for $1.6 Billion" If so, you're not gonna like the way you look - I guarantee it...

"When poison pill and pacman stunts end, shareholders will like how a Jos. A. Bank / Men's Wearhouse combo looks. I guarantee it." $JOSB $MW

17. However, a few good pun tweets really stood out from the pack:

Jos A Bank and Men's Wearhouse should talk, not squabble over who wears the pants

Men's Warehouse is trying to buy Jos. a Bank? They should just buy like two suits because I'm pretty sure they throw in the company with it

Buy one Jos. A. Bank for $1.6 billion and you can get a second one for just $199. Amazing limited time offer.

Men's Wearhouse hot under collar; says may seek seats on Jos. A. Bank's board after takeover bid is rejected

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