Massive Plane Finally Leaves Tiny Kansas Airport Where It Accidentally Landed

Update: The Boeing air freighter took off from Jabara Airport in Wichita, Kan., Thursday afternoon after being stuck there overnight.

1. Updated — 2:20 p.m. ET

3. Atlas Air Flight 4241 originated in New York and was scheduled to land at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas, but instead landed at the smaller Jabara Airport a few miles away.

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According to Boeing, the Dreamlifter’s cargo hold is the largest in the world, by volume. It is one of four custom aircraft employed by Boeing and used to haul 787 Dreamliner parts.

5. It is not known why the plane landed at the smaller airport but it appears to have been a mistake.

Alex Hunt

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to investigate whether the pilot followed controllers’ instructions or violated any federal regulations.

6. Air traffic control audio recorded during the incident shows the disoriented pilots thought they had landed at Beech Factory Airport in Wichita before realizing they were actually at Jabara.

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Tower: “Do you know which airport you’re at?”

Pilot: “Well we think we have a pretty good pulse — how many airports directly to the south … are there?”

10. Boeing sent a tug from its Wichita facilities to the airport to try to turn around the Dreamlifter, but that could take some time…

12. The plane finally took off Thursday afternoon and headed for McConnell Air Force Base.

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