Apple’s Iconic New York City “Cube” Store Shattered During Snowstorm

The 32-foot-tall sheet of glass was apparently broken Tuesday by a snow blower.

1. Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York is encased in a beautiful 32-foot-tall glass cube near Central Park.

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2. On Tuesday, as a powerful snowstorm pounded the city, one of the massive glass panels shattered.

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3. Several photos of the broken glass were posted on Instagram.

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4. An Apple representative told BuzzFeed the glass apparently shattered when a snowblower hit the structure during the afternoon.

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5. Fixing the glass won’t be cheap. According to 9to5Mac, each panel may cost as much as $445,000.

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6. Despite the shattered cube, the representative said the store will remain open.

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h/t: 9to5Mac

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